Language Learning in the Wild

Language learning in the wild (LLW) is about using the resources available in the second language life world of the newcomers for learning the local language. When newcomers have arrived to their new society, the local language plays an immediate role in their everyday lives. As a minimum, newcomers are overhearers of and eavesdroppers to the spoken words around them and they encounter all kind of written material, from advertisements in the streets to package texts on their favorite granola. How can they harness these experiences for learning the new language?

This website will report about current and previous projects about LLW, give access to relevant publications and document new pedagogical practices that put the learner into the center of the learning process.

Research about LLW builds on interaction research, usage based language acquisition processes and experiential learning models. It practices co-design with learners and their contacts to further the development of new ideas about learning practices, learning materials and learning environments.

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