Presently the 'Language learning in the wild network’ is established in 4 Nordic countries. New partners are welcome to the network. Please contact members of the project for further information.


Dennis Day, PhD
University of Southern Denmark
Dept. of Language and Communication,
Campusvej 55
DK 5230 Odense
Johannes Wagner
Professor dr. phil
University of Southern Denmark
Department of Design and Comunication
Universitetsparken 1
6000 Kolding
Søren Wind Eskildsen, PhD
Associate professor
University of Southern Denmark
Dept. of Design and Comunication
Alsion 2
DK 6400 Sønderborg


Arja Piirainen-Marsh, PhD
Department of Languages
University of Jyväskylä
P.O. Box 35
FIN 40014 University of Jyväskylä
Niina Lilja, PhD
University Lecturer
School of Language,
Translation and Literary Studies
University of Tampere
Kalevantie 4
FI-33014 University of Tampere


Guðrún Theodórsdóttir
Associate professor
University of Iceland
Icelandic as a second language
School of Humanities - Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies
Nýi Garður / Ng-308


Brendon Clark, PhD
Studio Director - Interactive Institute Stockholm
Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
Isafjordgatan 22/Kistagången 16
Box 1197, S 164 23 Kista, Sweden
+46 70 460 4811