ERASMUS Project 2023-2026

ERASMUS+: “(Second) Language Learning in the Wild” (L2W)

“Second Language Learning in the Wild” (L2W) is an experiential method with a focus on learning the majority language of a country in order to participate in social life (Wild = society outside of school). While the learners (skilled as well as unskilled) will become more competent in their (social) language skills, the teachers/trainers/citizens will have increased competences and overall inclusion will grow. It is a joint approach of all partners (Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland)based on common challenges.

The project consists of various activities which all lead to one common goal: implementing L2W for different target groups in different social contexts. They are developed for teachers, other educators and learners: awareness raising, train-the-trainer activities, learning networks and – activities, video ethnography and co-design workshops, development of tools, apps and handbooks, hybrid collaborative labs.

The project will result in the implementation of an experiential holistic approach to second language learning in a social context, more learning opportunities “in the wild”, more skilled learners and trainers, more participation in society via communication with native speakers and ultimately more inclusion.

A concrete outcome at the end of the project will be manuals/script sand digital tools to inspire anyone in Europe who wishes to use this method.