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Dare to Talk: Introduction

Dare to Talk is a concept that puts your life back into learning.

Dare to Talk helps you close the gap between your everyday and language learning, helping you to see you’re never alone when learning a language, and never far away from an opportunity to learn more.
We know that daring to talk in a new situation is easiest when you’re confident, prepared and supported.
The Dare to Talk app supports you learn by doing in three simple ways: Prepare, Dare and Share.

YouTube-video demonstrating the concept of Dare to Talk

Dare to Talk: Materials


Best Practice: Mapping exercises

Mapping exercises have proven to hold great potential in designing for language learning in the wild, but also as an individual and social way of learning for the the newcomer.

Map Task Finland

This task was used on a course on conversational skills for beginning learners of Finnish as L2 at the Language Centre at the University of Jyväskylä.
The students were asked to think about the situations in which they 1) use Finnish 2) could use Finnish (but do not at the moment) 3) would like to use more Finnish.
To help them reflect on this, they were provided with maps of Jyväskylä and instructed to indicate the places in which they use, could use or would like to use Finnish with different colors.
In the map in the picture, a student has used green to locate the places in which she uses Finnish at the moment (e.g. city centre, student village), yellow to indicate the places where she could use Finnish and red to locate the places in which she would like to use more Finnish (e.g. the university area).
The maps were presented to other students in the class in small groups and they inspired rich discussions about the possibilities to use more Finnish.