Matprat 2012

The Industrial Design MA thesis project deals with the observation that immigrants with little former study experience, often finds todays’ theoretic Swedish education as too big of a challenge. This leads to that many learners lose motivation and self-esteem, ‘get stuck’ in the education for years or give up and end up in segregation.

Through collaborative workshops with stakeholders involved in the area, new approaches to language learning are explored. Aiming to evoke motivation by inviting learners as co-creators of their own education and lift their practical skills and interests to the center of learning.

The final proposal, “Matprat”, initiates a social and motivating way to learn Swedish, while highlighting competence and cultural diversity. It also presents a fun and social way for Swedish speakers, companies and organizations to engage and contribute to language learning and an inclusive society.

Language learning and motivation is a master degree project by Kajsa Davidsson, a former MFA Industrial design student at Konstfack, Stockholm. With support from Brendon Clark – Senior researcher at the Interactive institute – and Diana Africano Clark – Interaction designer and researcher at Veryday.

Matprat – For a more motivating language learning and multicultural meetings (english) from Kajsa Davidsson on Vimeo.

This video presents the concept Matprat – for a more motivating language learning and multicultural meetings. The concept is developed together with teachers and learners at SFI, in Stockholm and Eskilstuna.Matprat is the result of Kajsa Davidsson’s Master degree project from Industrial design, Konstfack in Stockholm.
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